Check your receipts!

For my next Everyday Victories post, I will go over a quick way I saved $30 on a recent grocery store trip. Everyday Victories are little decisions I make to save day-to-day. Read my first post here.

On this particular trip, I was stocking up on normal grocery items to get us through the week. We had just gotten back from our London Waddle, so we were a little low on some basic pantry items and toiletries too.

Mostly I try to avoid tempting end cap displays and clearance impulse buys. On that day however I was browsing the clearance display to see if there was anything I had forgotten.

Most of the deals weren’t good- sketchy cereal, impulse buy candles galore, something left over from pumpkin spice season, etc. Then I saw something that I actually needed that was a good deal.

Fancy $30 prenatal vitamins, marked down to $7.79.

I’ve been satisfied with my cheaper prenatals, but how often to you see prenatals made of gluten free angel tears go on super sale?

I tossed them in my cart since I was low on them anyway. Then I went to the checkout line and left the store with a higher than expected grocery bill.

I checked my receipt. $90 for this trip didn’t seem right.

Then I saw it- the fancy prenatals rang up at their original price.

I turned my cart around and went back into the store ready to complain.

Turns out that by coming back in to customer service and showing them my receipt, they actually gave me the vitamins for free. Now instead of saving $23, I saved $30.

This doesn’t work out all the time. Every once in a while I misread an ad or grab something that was put in the wrong place. In this case, however, double checking my receipt led to big savings.

Readers, do you have a story about a time something rang up for a higher price than expected? What did you do about it? Comment below and stay tuned for future Everyday Victories posts and an update on the London Babymoon.

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